22. Februar 2017
Bayer-Stiftung unterstützt Ambulanten Kinder- und Jugendhospizdienst Kreis Unna

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Bayer   The world’s population is growing, but the amount of farmland available per head is shrinking. Agricultural productivity will have to increase if we want to safe-guard our food supply in the long term. Digitalization in farming can help us deploy our resources efficiently and sustainably, enabling farmers to get the best out of their fields with minimal environmental impact.

Learn how farmers benefit from the use of drones in this video or here:
27. Februar 2017
Bayer   Foundation Post: how does it feel being “4 Years From Now”…

…find out and meet us next week in Barcelona at the world’s fastest growing tech startup event “4 Years From Now” (4YFN). The Bayer Foundation is proud to be part in the conference with Paula Schwarz presenting and three thrilling Aspirin Social Innovation Award winners: Harald Neidhardt with MLOVE “Refugee First MedAid Response Center”, The Baby Scales Initiative and RSO LifeShift “Solar Driven Med Sterilizer”.

Meet us in Barcelona:

#4YFN #StartUpBoat #BayerFoundations
27. Februar 2017
Bayer   The Bayer Cross around the world! (From our archives)26. Februar 2017


Bayer   #BigData down on the farm: Digital Farming @Bayer4Crops for the future of #agriculture.
27. Februar 2017
Bayer   Digital revolution in the field: find out how #DigitalFarming can secure the world’s #food supply:… Februar 2017
Bayer   #DigitalFarming empowers farmers to take smarter decisions at the speed of ‘now’. @Bayer4Crops Februar 2017

Geschäftsbericht 2016

Weiteres Rekordjahr für Bayer!

Übernahme von Monsanto auf gutem Weg. Dies und mehr finden Sie im neuen Geschäftsbericht.



Zwischenbericht 3. Quartal 2016

Starke Performance von Bayer im 3. Quartal 2016. Alle Fakten finden Sie im aktuellen Quartalsbericht.

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