22. Februar 2017
Bayer-Stiftung unterstützt Ambulanten Kinder- und Jugendhospizdienst Kreis Unna

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“Innovation is our core competence!”
Bayer CEO Werner Baumann

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23. Februar 2017
Bayer   Fiscal 2016 was another very successful year for Bayer and we again posted a record operating performance. Both sales and clean EBITDA were higher than ever before.

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23. Februar 2017
Bayer   Fiscal 2016: Another record year for Bayer

Key facts:
• Group sales increase by 1.5 percent (Fx & portfolio adj. 3.5 percent) to EUR 46,769 million
• Substantial sales and earnings increases at Pharmaceuticals
• Consumer Health grows with competition
• Crop Science successful in a difficult market environment
• EBITDA before special items improves by 10.2 percent to EUR 11,302 million
• Net income raised by 10.2 percent to EUR 4,531 million
• Core earnings per share increase by 7.3 percent to EUR 7.32
• Operating cash flow climbs by 20.8 percent to EUR 8,259 million
• Forecast for 2017: further growth in sales and earnings

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22. Februar 2017


Bayer   Bayer Worldwide 2016
A diverse #employee structure is vital for our #company’s competitiveness.…
23. Februar 2017
Bayer   We are continuously working to reduce environmental impact of our #business activities & develop product solutions… Februar 2017

Geschäftsbericht 2016

Weiteres Rekordjahr für Bayer!

Übernahme von Monsanto auf gutem Weg. Dies und mehr finden Sie im neuen Geschäftsbericht.



Zwischenbericht 3. Quartal 2016

Starke Performance von Bayer im 3. Quartal 2016. Alle Fakten finden Sie im aktuellen Quartalsbericht.

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