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Bayer   Calling all mature teams, startups and companies that have a solution ready to go! Our new Dealmaker is all about quality facetime between you and our experts for one full day.

If there is a match, we will invite you to Berlin to pitch your solution, discuss collaboration options and close a deal. Travel expenses are on us! Find out, if there is a mutual interest to start a bigger journey together!

We have put together specific challenges in which we are especially interested in solving with you! Applicants are asked to address one or multiple of these challenges below. However, we are also open for other solutions that help healthcare providers or patients, as well as products dedicated to preventing or diagnosing diseases or improving pharmaceutical processes.

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25. Mai 2017
Bayer   The Human Body
Today: The kidneys
24. Mai 2017
Bayer   Bayer Infographic - Big Data in Medicine

Increasing digitalization, the internet and medical tests generate huge amounts of health data. Big data analyses could make it possible to leverage these data better:
24. Mai 2017


Bayer   Bayer #Science Infographic: The kidneys - the #body's sewage treatment plant. @bayerpharma Mai 2017
Bayer   #Science facts about #kidney: Adults have around 7-8 liters of #blood, & this is constantly filtered by the kidneys. Mai 2017
Bayer   #Kidney: The entire #blood volume is pumped through the kidneys 200 times per day. #science #body Mai 2017


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