18. Januar 2017
2017 American Society of Clinical Oncology Gastrointestinal Cancer Symposium (ASCO GI):

Bayer präsentiert Daten zu Regorafenib auf Krebskongress ASCO-GI 2017 mehr

17. Januar 2017

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Bayer   What fashion and Bayer's mission "Science For A Better Life" actually have in common? Well, a lot!

We had very special guests at our communication centre "Baykomm" in Leverkusen recently. In regards to the Fashion Week in Berlin we invited the Mexican Designer Armando Mafud. The talented designer lives and works in Mexico City.

Often he draws inspiration for his stylish silk dresses from the paintings of famous Mexican painters. He presents Mexican embroideries or decorated with sequins to depict the flora and fauna of his homeland. This time, on behalf of Bayer, he created "Life Science Dresses". The colorful pieces are made of hand-painted fabrics and symbolize Bayer's core themes.

But take a look!

Fotos: Sami Joost
19. Januar 2017
Bayer   The Bayer Commitment to Healthy Aging

With the average life expectancy continuously increasing, industrialized countries are facing two challenges presented by the demographic shift: how to manage the extra costs associated with longer term care; and how to handle the prospect of possibly spending more years in declining health. And since aging is a relatively modern phenomenon, we also need to further understand what aging means at both a global and local level.

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18. Januar 2017
Bayer   Using High-Tech to Combat Herbicide Resistance

Safeguarding the world’s food supply. To do this, Bayer’s scientists are partnering with bioinformatics experts at Targenomix in Golm near Potsdam to look for new herbicides. 250 weed species are now resistant to herbicides, and are threatening crop yields worldwide.
16. Januar 2017


Bayer   #LifeScience and #fashion?! Fits perfectly! #FashionWeek #MBFWB
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18. Januar 2017
Bayer   "#LifeScience Dresses" by designer Armando Mafud - colorful pieces which symbolize Bayer's core themes. #FashionWeek Januar 2017
Bayer   Special guests at our communication centre "Baykomm" in Leverkusen. #FashionWeek #MBFWB @BayerInnovacion Januar 2017


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