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Diseases of the cardiovascular system

The most significant diseases of the cardiovascular system are high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis - risk factors for heart attack.
1. Oktober 2014
Bayer   For a supple heart

It's an insidious condition, and one that makes a short walk seem like a marathon or a quick shower a barely manageable challenge. Many people are completely unaware that they are suffering from chronic heart failure. But even with drug treatment, the disease can shorten the life expectancy of patients to just a few years. Increasing numbers of people are affected by this severe cardiovascular disease, which is generally caused by a myocardial infarction. It is characterized by gross enlargement of the heart and a reduced ventricular volume.

New successes have recently been achieved in the treatment of this dangerous heart disease: scientists at Bayer HealthCare have developed an active ingredient that supports the weakened heart and can markedly improve the prognosis for patients suffering from the cardiovascular disease. Recent tests indicate that it can prevent pathological restructuring of the cardiac muscle, keeping the heart muscle supple.
30. September 2014
Bayer   With each beat, I pump approx. 200 ml of blood at the rate of 80 beats a min.Try to copy this by hand! Celebrate World Heart Day!
29. September 2014
Bayer   I beat 100,000 times a day and 36 m times a year.
Please take good care of me and celebrate World Heart Day!
29. September 2014
Bayer   Have a nice weekend!

Next week we will talk about something that will stir your blood :-)
So stay tuned!
26. September 2014


Bayer   It is estimated that more than twelve million people worldwide die every year as a result of a cardiovascular disease. Oktober 2014
Bayer   #Cardiovascular disease is the world’s number one killer. Make a #healthy #heart your goal! Via worldheartfed Oktober 2014
Bayer   negan88 you're welcome.1. Oktober 2014
Bayer   negan88 thanks for your remark. We take it seriously and will inform our colleagues.30. September 2014
Bayer   Let me be checked by a doctor regularly, as prophylaxis, like you
do for your teeth. Thank you! Your #heart.
30. September 2014



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