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Bayer   In January 2014 Bayer Thai has extended its support of Elephantstay, a non-profit organization that is working to protect and conserve elephants in Ayutthaya, by adopting a 6-week old baby elephant named “Chivit Dee” meaning “Good Life” in Thai. Now Chivit Dee is 6 months old baby boy. He is growing well and healthy.

Elephantstay is a working elephant camp under Pra Kachabaan Foundation. Its mission is to conserve and care for elephants. There are more than 90 elephants at Elephantstay which also has a successful elephant breeding program. The elephants are cared for by staff, mahouts (traditional elephant riders) as well as volunteers. In addition to food, the elephants need medicine and good care for better health. Bayer Thai also donated animal health products to Elephantstay to enhance the welfare of the elephants.
31. Juli 2014
Bayer   Second Quarter of 2014
Bayer continues positive business development

The Bayer Group was again successful in the second quarter of 2014. Our Life Science businesses, in particular, saw unabated growth momentum, with very encouraging sales gains for our recently launched pharmaceutical products and our North and Latin American CropScience business. Although earnings growth was again held back by substantial negative currency effects, these were offset by the good business development. EBITDA before special items and core earnings per share were at the previous year’s level.

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30. Juli 2014
Bayer   Bayer Promotes Men's Week in Brazil

Men are not always eager to go to the doctor for regular check-ups. So to help raise men's awareness of health-related matters, Bayer and the Brazilian Society of Urology (SBU) offered free medical tests to passers-by at a busy subway station in São Paulo as part of Bayer Men's Week, which took place for the sixth time.
29. Juli 2014
Bayer   Bayer MaterialScience announces today the launch of INSQIN®, a novel turnkey solution for a new generation of polyurethane (PU) coated fabrics. Enjoy the video.30. Juli 2014
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26. Juli 2014


Bayer   tarekatyah you're welcome!31. Juli 2014
Bayer   DocStukie AbenaGyekye #misquote M. Dekkers didn’t quite say what Bloomberg said he did: Juli 2014
Bayer   tarekatyah Polyurethanes are some of the most versatile plastic materials. You can find them almost everywhere, e.g. in cars or furniture.31. Juli 2014
Bayer   Fascinating #science. Discover the microstructure of #Polyurethane. Juli 2014
Bayer   RT BayerUKIreland: Lady Carnarvon vists BayerUKIreland #Newbury to present lucky empoyees with tickets for #HeroesatHighclere http://t.co31. Juli 2014



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