24. Oktober 2014
Erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit mit der Hochschule Niederrhein:

Bayer zeichnet besten Verfahrenstechnik-Absolventen aus mehr

24. Oktober 2014
Neue Aktion der LiB-Beratungskampagne „Luft im Bauch?“:

Kreative Comic-TexterInnen gesucht: Wer hilft Familie LiB? mehr



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Bayer   Active Prevention

Next week sees the start of our Stroke Week! The reason is 29 October, which is this year’s World Stroke Day. "World Stroke Organization" (WSO) launched it in 2006 to help strengthen the public’s consciousness about stroke. The World Day focuses on the active prevention of brain attacks.

That is why we want to talk about the topic starting Monday. What causes stroke? What can you do to prevent a stroke?

But first, have a nice weekend.
24. Oktober 2014
24. Oktober 2014
Bayer   Summit meeting of researchers: some 1,000 researchers from around the world attended Bayer Science Day in Cologne, Germany, to discuss current trends in research and development. Three teams of researchers from Bayer received special mention and recognition on this day: they were awarded the Otto Bayer Medal for their outstanding achievements by Kemal Malik, Bayer Board member responsible for Innovation, together with representatives of top management of the subgroups.23. Oktober 2014
Bayer   Our Highlights from the Bayer Science Day.22. Oktober 2014
Salman Arsalan   tall me about radium-223 price and i want in pakistan
22. Oktober 2014


Bayer   RT signagnststroke: Are you living with atrial fibrillation? You're not alone (infographic) #AFib Oktober 2014
Bayer   With earlier diagnosis most AF-related strokes can be prevented. #WorldStrokeDay is next week! #SignAgainstStroke Oktober 2014
Bayer   RT signagnststroke: World #Stroke Day is 29 October! Here are some of the latest #WorldStrokeDay videos | World Str…24. Oktober 2014
Bayer   RT Bayer4Crops: #AgFact: Of the 263 million tonnes of #meat produced globally, over 20% is lost or wasted. #FAO #SaveFood Oktober 2014
Bayer   RT BayerHealthCare: BHC NEWS: Bayer Forms Alliance with Kyoto University in Japan Oktober 2014



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