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Bayer   Foundation Post: social pioneers in Leverkusen honored.

Are you aware about what refugees might need? Do you know the social challenges in your neighborhood? The 9 new Leverkusen social pioneers demonstrate how it is done, e.g. with a plumber tool market place for refugees to rent a hammer or saw for renovating their new home places. More about this and the other cool ideas here...

#BayerFoundation #SocialInnovation #Changemakers #BayerCares #Pioneers4Society
1. Oktober 2016
Bayer   Have nice weekend, everybody!30. September 2016
Bayer   It's World Heart Day!

The heart has to pump blood to the lungs and throughout the rest of the body all of the time to make sure that the organs are supplied with vital oxygen and nutrients. Every year, millions of people all over the world die as a result of cardiovascular diseases. Bayer scientists are researching ways to manage and maybe even cure some of these diseases.
29. September 2016
Bayer   Today is World Heart Day - Please take good care of me!29. September 2016
Bayer   Bayer Middle East launches several initiatives to support the disadvantaged

Within the scope of our social commitment, Bayer Middle East supports projects in the areas of science and education, health and social needs. Our activities aim to improve access to education and health care, especially for children and refugees.

Several initiatives were started recently in Jordan and Syria.
29. September 2016


Bayer   Have a nice #weekend, everybody! :)
#FridayFeeling #TGIF #northernlights
30. September 2016
Bayer   DYK? 17.3 m people worldwide die every year of a #cardiovascular disease. We won’t accept that. #WorldHeartDay September 2016
Bayer   I pump about 2 million ltr blood a year. I am essential for your life. Let’s celebrate #WorldHeartDay!… September 2016
Bayer   With each beat, I pump approx. 200 ml of blood at the rate of 80 beats a min. Try to copy this by hand!… September 2016
Bayer   Every day, your heart creates enough energy to drive a truck for 20 miles (32 km). #WorldHeartDay @worldheartfed September 2016

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