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Bayer steigert Ergebnis deutlich mehr

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Pharmazie-Studierende der CAU blicken in die Praxis

Bayer in Kiel zeigt, wie Arzneimittel für Tiere produziert werden mehr



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Bayer   Possible Signs of Anemia

The signs of anemia are not always clear. The duration and the severity of the disease have a big influence. Therefore the symptoms caused by a lack of oxygen differ from patient to patient – both in the kind of symptoms as well as their severity. They can include:

• trouble concentrating and tiredness
• reduced physical ability to cope with pressure
• headache and sickness
• dizziness
• pounding in the ears and tinnitus
• visual disorders
• shortness of breath
• heart palpitation pale skin, conjunctiva and mucosa

Learn more about our scientists who are working on new therapies to help patients with Anemia:
30. Juli 2015
Bayer   Treatments for Sick Blood Cells

If our red blood cells cannot transport enough oxygen, the whole body suffers as a result. Organs become undersupplied or may even fail. A genetic mutation in the oxygen transporter hemoglobin is often the root cause of diseases which are categorized under the medical term hemoglobinopathies. Current treatment options are limited, however, and often associated with side effects. Scientists at Bayer HealthCare are therefore working on new therapies to help patients with hemoglobinopathies.

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29. Juli 2015
Bayer   Second quarter of 2015:
Bayer significantly improves earnings

The Bayer Group continued to grow sales in the second quarter of 2015 and significantly increased earnings. “All three subgroups contributed to the gratifying improvement in earnings,” said Bayer CEO Dr. Marijn Dekkers when the interim report was published on Wednesday. HealthCare posted considerable sales and earnings gains that were attributable to the further gratifying expansion of business with the recently launched pharmaceutical products and to the positive sales development at Consumer Health. At CropScience, sales matched the strong level of the prior-year quarter, while earnings improved. At MaterialScience, sales were level with the prior-year quarter. Earnings of this subgroup, however, posted a sharp improvement of almost 90 percent, mainly as a result of the improved demand situation and lower raw material costs. The preparations for the planned stock market flotation of MaterialScience are on schedule. Dekkers expressed his continued optimism for the year as a whole: “We are confirming our Group forecast for the operational performance of continuing operations.” The Group forecast has been adjusted to take account of the changes in exchange rates as of June 30, 2015.

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29. Juli 2015
Bayer   Bayer Science Video: How a tumor forms.

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28. Juli 2015
Bayer   New Bayer Magazine Story: Living with Anemia

Maya Hügle has suffered from anemia since her youth. Even today, the disease continues to define how she lives her everyday life – with frequent injections and recurring episodes of exhaustion. Pharmaceutical research companies like Bayer are therefore searching for ways to improve treatment for people like Maya.

Read the whole story here:
27. Juli 2015


Bayer   Nowadays #smallpox, #measles and whooping cough are nearly extinct. @BayerHealthCare Juli 2015
Bayer   Did you ever wonder what would happen in your everyday life if you add more #science? watch: Juli 2015
Bayer   #Researchers are testing advantages offered by a new tablet-based #therapy against #Anemia Juli 2015
Bayer   Treatment for #anemia has improved greatly & people are generally more #aware of the #disease. Juli 2015
Bayer   Possible Signs of #Anemia: shortness of breath & pounding in the ears & tinnitus. #Learn more: Juli 2015


Zwischenbericht 2. Quartal 2015

Bayer steigert sein Ergebnis im zweiten Quartal 2015 deutlich.



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