20. Juni 2016
Bayer beim International Weed Science Congress vom 19. bis 25. Juni 2016 in Prag:

Wissenschaftler sind sich einig: Landwirte brauchen weltweit dringend neue Lösungen zur Unkrautbekämpfung mehr

20. Juni 2016
Humboldt Bayer Mobil macht Station in Bergkamen

Schüler werden zu Medizinexperten mehr



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Bayer   Have a nice weekend, everybody :-)25. Juni 2016
Bayer   Bayer Supports Tomorrow's Sporting Stars!

Participating in some kind of sports is a key element in the personality development of young people. Bayer is passionate about sports for young people and wants to encourage them to remain active in sports all their lives.

The efforts made by Bayer sports clubs to foster young talent have now won the “Green band for displaying exemplary commitment to promoting young talented individuals” on more than 25 occasions. This honor is bestowed by the German Olympic Sports Association (DOSB) and Commerzbank.
23. Juni 2016
Bayer   Bayer Athletes Are Ready for the 2016 Paralympics!

Founded in 1950 and now with 300 members, the disabled sports section of TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen is one of the most successful clubs in Germany for disabled athletes. At the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, a large number of Bayer club members will once again be competing against the world's best disabled athletes.

Bayer hopes to again be the strongest represented club on the German Paralympics team. We wish our athletes every success!
25. Juni 2016
Bayer   Everyday products made from cotton.

Learn more here:
22. Juni 2016
Bayer   Today’s summer solstice & first day of summer!

The sun's UV rays are strongest during the summer months, but UV rays reach the Earth every day, year-round, even in winter!

But even when the sun is not shining, remember: “Always look on the bright side of life!”
21. Juni 2016


Bayer   RT @Bayer4CropsAU: @Bayer4CropsAU wins the Innovation Partner Award at #HortConv2016 !!! Great work team! Juni 2016
Bayer   Bayer speeding up its #weed control #research activities. #IWC2016 #Weedcontrol Juni 2016
Bayer   #IntegratedWeedManagement is a fundamental program in the production system of Farmers. #Weedcontrol @Bayer4Crops Juni 2016
Bayer   Don’t let #WeedThieves take your cropland away. Find out how to fight them: #Weedcontrol Juni 2016
Bayer   Weeds competing w/ crops can add up to significant yield losses: #Weedcontrol Juni 2016

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