26. November 2015
Hans-Jörg Weitbrecht Wissenschaftspreis 2015:

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24. November 2015
Bayer hat die Produktionskapazität für MRT-Kontrastmittel deutlich erweitert

Erfolgsgeschichte mit Fortsetzung mehr



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Bayer   The Power of Alpha

An invisible energy can cause cancer - but can also be used to fight it: Bayer scientists are using radioactivity to tackle resistant forms of cancer.

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27. November 2015
Bayer   Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates!
Otherwise, enjoy your day :-)
27. November 2015
Bayer   Bayer Infographic: Where does back pain occur?
People suffer from pain on different parts of their back.

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25. November 2015
Bayer   Ten simple exercises for your back

Back pain is widespread among the general public. Many people suffer from it intermittently, but only rarely is there a serious illness behind it. The pain can frequently be traced too cramped, wasted or overstretched muscles. “Those affected by back pain can often contribute a great deal to reducing it by themselves,” says sports educator Ulrich Kuhnt from the Federal Association for Back-Training Schools in Germany. To avoid back pain in the first place, he recommends 10 simple exercises that you can put to use immediately – for the benefit of your back.

Important: Do the exercises slowly and in a controlled way, never by jerking or with momentum. Keep breathing normally while you do the exercises. Make sure you have peace and quiet, and relax. Don’t exercise if you are in pain.

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25. November 2015
Bayer   Did you know that there was a time when a small bacterial infection could easily lead to something really serious, potentially even lethal? Penicillin was the first medicine to allow their treatment.

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24. November 2015


Bayer   #Fighting cancer with radioactivity. Read #fresh Bayer #Research article: November 2015
Bayer   #Bayer #researchers are #developing immunoradiotherapies to treat refractory tumors: #cancer November 2015
Bayer   When exposed to #stress, plants switch to their emergency mode: #harvest is then at risk. November 2015
Bayer   Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates! Otherwise, enjoy your day! #Thanksgiving November 2015
Bayer   Bayer Infographic: Comparison of surface area. #CropEfficiency Learn more: November 2015

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