22. Mai 2015
Aktienbeteiligungsprogramm „BayShare“

Bayer bietet seinen Beschäftigten Aktien zum Vorzugspreis mehr

22. Mai 2015
Anerkennung für innovative naturwissenschaftliche Unterrichtskonzepte

Bayer-Stiftung fördert weitere 63 Schulprojekte mit 500.000 Euro mehr



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Bayer   Bayer Agrar Infographic:
Increasing meat consumption driving up soybean exports.

Learn more about cultivating soybeans:
25. Mai 2015
Bayer   People looking to join a company nowadays want more than an interesting, well-paid job. In addition to the prospect of a responsible position, a good work-life balance is important for many new entrants.

Learn more about how we support work-life balance:
22. Mai 2015
Bayer   Living with Hemophilia
“The fishes are my friends,” explains 11-year-old Lu Zhong Qian from China. And his mother, Wang Li Xia, is rightly proud of her son’s artistic talent. It won him a prize in a painting competition. “My son paints differently to other children of his age,” the mother says. “His pictures express the desire for a normal, harmonious life free of pain.”

Read more about the story:
21. Mai 2015
Bayer   Why potatoes look weird.
Did you ever wonder what would happen in your everyday life if you add more science? Stop having a boring life! Add awesome science to your everyday conversations.

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19. Mai 2015


Bayer   Bayer #Infographic: Consumption of Soybeans worldwide. Learn more about cultivating #soybeans: Mai 2015
Bayer   Bayer Agrar #Infographic: Increasing #meat consumption driving up soybean exports. #trade Mai 2015
Bayer   Bayer #Infographic: Farmers need right variety of #soybean if they are to produce good yields. Mai 2015
Bayer   Learn how #Brazil’s soybean #farmers made it to the top of #global #soybean-production: Mai 2015
Bayer   Respected journal “The #Scientist” counted Bayer among the 100 most #attractive #employers. Mai 2015


Zwischenbericht zum 1. Quartal 2015

Guter Jahresauftakt für Bayer: Bayer hat im 1. Quartal 2015 seine operative Performance erneut gesteigert.




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