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Ăbdãllãħ Wahead   لتجربة التطبيق ومعرفة اكتر اربعة اشخاص زارو حسابك من هنا ==>
20. November 2014
Bayer   Help us celebrate Universal Children's Day as we remind all that today’s children are the future of this world.

The establishment of a Children’s day by the United Nations aims at attracting the attention on an important issue: Children’s well-being throughout the world.

The United Nations have considered that they “would not be able to fulfill their obligations regarding the future generations without intensifying their efforts in favor of children in the world, who are future citizens, and that a worldwide celebration of this Children’s day would contribute to human solidarity and to international cooperation”.
20. November 2014
Bayer   Happy Universal Children's Day!
20. November 2014
Bayer   Since 2007 the Bayer Cares Foundation has been supporting charity projects of people who are actively committed to volunteerism in the communities near the company’s sites. Today we want to introduce you to one of the projects: Bayer Chicos

Bayer employee Carlos Maldonado (Medical Director) from Colombia and 30 other Bayer volunteers are showing children the world of science in the Bayer Chicos project. The funding is being used to expand the program. New experimentation kits for around 150 children are to be purchased to integrate a further five schools in Bogotá into the project.
19. November 2014
Bayer   I love Science because …18. November 2014


Bayer   RT Bayer4Crops: Bayer CropScience is strongly committed to respecting the rights of children. #ChildrensDay November 2014
Bayer   RT Bayer4Crops: Are you a student interested in agriculture? Learn about our Scholarship programs & apply now: http…20. November 2014
Bayer   Martina worked at a #RedCross children’s hospital in South Africa. #Bayer #scholarships: November 2014
Bayer   #Chemistry student Joerg studied at the Academy of Sciences in Prague. #Bayer #scholarships: November 2014
Bayer   #Medical student Arasch gained valuable experience in #NY. Apply here for #Bayer scholarships: November 2014



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