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Bayer   Bayer Donates Purification Tablets to Purify 60 Million Liters of Water to Help People Gain Access to Clean Water after Flood

In view of Bayer’ efforts to ease the burden of the people affected by the devastation caused by the recent flood in Myanmar, Bayer Thai Co., Ltd. (Myanmar Branch), has donated 160,000 purificaton tablets to help purify 60 million liters of water to help people in Myanmar gain better access to clean water after the recent floods. . The donation included cash and purification tablets to the value of 25,000 Euro to Myanmar Red Cross Society
8. Oktober 2015
Alexia Charalambous   where can I find the recommended doses for a lovebird using advocate for small cats and ferrets?
7. Oktober 2015
Paolo Giovini   Ciao
cio un piccolo probblema dato che Mimmo tiene il pene storto uno poco appresso a sinistra ma no tanto, giusto uno poco. e forse appossibbile che voi ciavete qualche rimedio serio per tirarlo dritto che accusì finisce di stare in ansia per sto fatto. soprattutto quanto ce viene a custà? volevamo mettere i soldi in comune per il compleanno suo. grazzie mille
7. Oktober 2015
Bayer   Meet your heart

The heart plays a central role in the circulation. It is a muscle the size of a fist, weighing about 300 grams and contracting rhythmically 60 to 80 times per minute, keeping the blood – as a transport system for oxygen and nutrients – in constant motion.

Every day, your heart creates enough energy to drive a truck for 20 miles (32 km).
8. Oktober 2015


Bayer   RT @Bayer4Crops: Raising Ag productivity is a key challenge – and it can only be achieved through #innovation & a new way of thinking. http…8. Oktober 2015
Bayer   Can you see this tweet without glasses? Many others can’t, either. #Eyecareforall #WSD2015 Oktober 2015
Bayer   #DYK that all blue-eyed humans have a common ancestor? #EyeCareForAll #WorldSightDay @IAPB1 Oktober 2015
Bayer   The human #eye can distinguish about 10 million different colors. #WSD15 #WorldSightDay #Eyecareforall @IAPB1 Oktober 2015
Bayer   #DYK? 80% of vision problems are avoidable or even curable - Wet AMD i.e. #WSD15 Oktober 2015


Zwischenbericht 2. Quartal 2015

Bayer steigert sein Ergebnis im zweiten Quartal 2015 deutlich.



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