24. April 2015
Längeres progressionsfreies Überleben mit Sorafenib

Sorafenib schließt Therapielücke beim Radiojod-refraktären differenzierten Schilddrüsenkarzinom mehr

24. April 2015
Innovatives Qualifizierungsprojekt „FIT Office“

Bayer Business Services mit dem Deutschen Bildungspreis 2015 ausgezeichnet mehr



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Oaaman Isb   its looks like Dr Sania shah Ghazi is a fake personal in Bayer
27. April 2015
Bayer   Oncology – Targeting Cancer

New targeted molecules

Despite major progress in the battle against cancer, there is still a high level of unmet medical need for therapies to prolong survival and improve the quality of life. Bayer has already developed a number of targeted substances and an alpha particle-emitting pharmaceutical.

Transporting deadly messengers to tumor cells

Just as Greek soldiers once gained entry to Troy, today’s researchers are binding groups, i.e. groups of molecules with toxic properties to novel antibodies and sending toxophoric them to the tumor where they can destroy the cancerous cells.
27. April 2015
Charlie Bayer   Hi im Charlie Bayer and im from Philippines, i want to work in this company can you please tell me how? Thank you in advance..!!!!
25. April 2015
Zeyglers Berrio   #MirarMasAllaEs
24. April 2015


Bayer   The main rice-producing countries are China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar. April 2015
Bayer   Half of #mankind depends on #rice – it is the world’s third most produced #food crop after corn and wheat. April 2015
Bayer   Many tumors require new blood vessels - Multikinase inhibitors can prevent or slow the growth of #cancer cells. April 2015
Bayer   Against tumor cell growth: Novel #antibodies can bind receptors and prevent the activation & growth of #tumor cells. April 2015
Bayer   Targeting #Cancer: Today’s researchers are binding toxophoric groups to transport deadly messengers to #tumor cells. April 2015


Integrierter Geschäftsbericht 2014

Anhaltend starke Geschäftsdynamik und Neuausrichtung des Portfolios.




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