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Иван Крапивный   Dear Sirs, You are welcome to UA R&D Linkedin group.
28. August 2015
Bayer   Remarkable facts about bees, food and pollination
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28. August 2015
Bayer   The human body comprises some 75 trillion cells, all of which have to cooperate so that life can function. The cells therefore communicate with each other.

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27. August 2015
Bayer   Molecular Gatekeepers

Synergies: Interdisciplinary Bayer Team Conducts Research into Ion Channels

Whether a movement of the muscles or a beat of the heart: the cells in the bodies of humans and animals communicate with each other by means of electrical and chemical signals. The most important elements in the information cascade are ion channels. These protein molecules are therefore potential targets for new drug products, but also for insecticides in crop protection and parasiticides in veterinary medicine. Medical, veterinary and crop protection specialists at Bayer are now working together in interdisciplinary teams to find new active ingredients.

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26. August 2015
Bayer   Facts about protein.

Find out how highly effective protein molecules play an important role in both medical and crop protection research.
26. August 2015


Bayer   After mating with drones, #queen bee lays eggs in #brood cells prepared by worker #bees. August 2015
Bayer   The worker #bee progresses through several work stages, from #brood and hive maintenance through to foraging #duties. August 2015
Bayer   A colony normally contains only one #queen, a few hundred drones & up to 60,000 worker #bees. August 2015
Bayer   Worker #bees are sterile, so breeding is left to the #queen and the drones. Learn more: August 2015
Bayer   Three types of #honey #bee make up a colony, each has a
characteristic size.Learn more:
28. August 2015


Zwischenbericht 2. Quartal 2015

Bayer steigert sein Ergebnis im zweiten Quartal 2015 deutlich.



„Farming’s Future“-Magazin

Sichere Ernährung, umweltverträgliche Landwirtschaft – rund um den Globus! Das „Farming’s Future“-Magazin zeigt die vielen Seiten der Agrarwirtschaft mit Infografiken, Animationen und Videos. Laden Sie sich die App für Ihr iPad oder Android Tablet herunter.


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Zwischenbericht 3. Quartal 2015, Presse- und Investoren-Telefonkonferenz

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