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19. Dezember 2014
林 立偉   I stand with one hand divination blocks

Hands station divination blocks

Station Jiao ~ is ~ divinity appeared to show signs ~

Poe divination I

Tony ~ station

~ Ask Tony to ~

So pray have to stand Cup is a good thing - is a prominent god gods

19. Dezember 2014
나형배   바베큐의 시작
19. Dezember 2014
Bayer   Ever wonder where decadent, delightful, delicious chocolate comes from? Let's make sense of it with science.18. Dezember 2014
Bayer   Did you ever wonder why no two snowflakes are exactly alike? Let's make sense of it with science.17. Dezember 2014


Bayer   RT @BayerHealthCare: Kicking off the Bayer HealthCare #diabetes awareness & #education program in #Egypt. http://t.c19. Dezember 2014
Bayer   Bayer enables #doctors to help patients, #farmers to help feed the world, and #veterinarians to help animals.19. Dezember 2014
Bayer   #Bayer plans to sharpen its focus on #innovation in its #lifescience businesses, @BayerHealthCare and @Bayer4Crops. Dezember 2014
Bayer   Our company has a very urgent concern: to make sure everyone gets enough to eat. #Innovation is key. via @Bayer4Crops19. Dezember 2014
Bayer   RT @Bayer4CropsUS: What’s your vision on how to feed a growing population? If you’re 18-25, get involved w/ @YouthAgSummit: Dezember 2014



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