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Bayer   Imagine this: your best friend invites you to attend the opening event for an exhibition celebrating inspirational women. You happily agree. You’re wandering past pictures and stories, champagne in hand, smiling at the strength, intelligence and creativity these women show, until… it’s your picture on the wall. How would you react? Find out more about this video and why its important to own your decisions at our #YourPerfectMatch blog: März 2015
Roy Simine   Molave Zamboanga del sur
1. März 2015
28. Februar 2015
Bayer   Bayer Financial News Conference 2015

Where is the company heading? Bayer will become a pure Life Science company, acknowledged for success in science and innovation.

Thanks to everyone who joined today's Financial News Conference 2015 on-site and on Twitter via #BFNC15.
26. Februar 2015
Bayer   Fiscal 2014
Strong Business Momentum Continues and Portfolio Transformation Underway.

Learn more:
26. Februar 2015


Bayer   RT @michaelsola: Our @FightCRC team is teaming up w/ committed sponsors like @Bayer proving they are CRC Aware! #MarchforCRC März 2015
Bayer   RT @BayerUS: It's #ColorectalCancer Awareness Month. #DYK 1 in 20 Americans are at risk for the disease. #MarchForCRC März 2015
Bayer   Imagine:Your friend invites you to an exhibition celebrating special women.And you are part of it. #YourPerfectMatch
2. März 2015
Bayer   RT @BayerHealthCare: #DYK The proportion of #genome that humans share with yeast is 26%? #science #genetics März 2015
Bayer   RT @bertrandpiccard: This morning, I could finally see the majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque from above! März 2015


Integrierter Geschäftsbericht 2014

Anhaltend starke Geschäftsdynamik und Neuausrichtung des Portfolios



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