29. Januar 2015
Jahreskongress der „European Association of Haemophilia & Allied Disorders“ (EAHAD):

Bayer präsentiert neue Daten zur Behandlung von Hämophilie auf EAHAD 2015 mehr

28. Januar 2015
Schlaganfällen durch leichte Bewegung vorbeugen

Neues Poster „Klassenerhalt – Einfach fit mit dem Übungsband“ mehr



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Bayer   February 4th is World Cancer Day!
Please share the ribbon to help raising awareness for World Cancer Day.
30. Januar 2015
عمرو محمود محمد   اعلان هام جدااااااااااااااااااااااااا
تعلم الانجليزية علي ايد مدربين اجانب
سعر البرنامج التدريبي 350 جنيها
العدد محدود للاستعلام
اسيوط ش الجمهوريه بجوار بوابة التجنيد
30. Januar 2015
Bayer   The global demand for safe, nutritious food is growing but agriculture relies on new, sustainable solutions to keep up. We believe that we should give young leaders a voice. Join us at the global Youth Ag-Summit in Canberra to discuss ideas, develop a vision and deliver action. Applications are closing soon, so if you are aged 18–25, do not hesitate to send in your essay – Australia is waiting for you! Applications close on January 31, so be sure to submit yours soon:
29. Januar 2015
Bayer   More and more mouths to feed, but less and less farmland: Agriculture is facing huge challenges. To tackle them, we need the help of fresh minds with new ideas. If you're aged 18–25 and passionate about feeding a hungry planet, please join us at the Youth Ag-Summit 2015 in Canberra, Australia. Send us your application and get involved! The clock is ticking, though: Application deadline is January 31: www.youthagsummit.com28. Januar 2015
Abdulafees Olasupo   Kindly send me a flyer on tihan and thunder
28. Januar 2015


Bayer   February 4th is #WorldCancerDay! Please share the ribbon to help raising awareness. Januar 2015
Bayer   @BayerLawn Thank you! Have a good weekend!30. Januar 2015
Bayer   RT @Bayer4Crops: Interesting read from Henry Miller via @Forbes on the integrity of #science Januar 2015
Bayer   #Chemists confirm the existence of a new kind of bond. Via @sciam Photo: Allevinatis/Flickr Januar 2015
Bayer   @znix_1747 thank you Zach! Great to hear it was inspiring.30. Januar 2015



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